2nd Massachusetts Cavalry

(Volume 14)

Company "A" was mustered Dec. 10, 1862 by Capt. J. Sewell Reed, in
San Francisco. 65 businessmen and firms in San Francisco raised the funds
to ship the men to the west coast of Panama, where they marched across to the east
coast where they were then transported to Mass. arriving there Jan. 4, 1863.

Later, 4 more companies were raised in the San Francisco area and went to
Readville, Mass. Attached to the 2nd Mass Cav they became Co's "E" "F" "L" "M"
June 20, 1863.

All of these troops were known as the "California 100"(almost 500 men)
they had several skirmishes with Mosby's Raiders. (a confederate gorilla unit)
19 members of the California 100 died in the Andersonville Prison.Georgia